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Spicy Cinnamon

Rich and dark burgundy color with lots of texture with
added chili peppers. Very strong scent of a hot

Spicy Cinnamon Potpourri

  Lavender & Lace

A calming effect of true lavender with hints of vanilla.
The lace is the look ofthis potpourri, soft and fluffy
colors of lavender,
 whites and touches of pink.

Lavender & Lace Potpourri
 Lily Of The Valley

True to its name of the flower, this is as we hear it
from our customers "it reminds me of my grandma
having flowers blooming just outside the bedroom
 window as we woke up from a sleep over". Simple
in color whites & leafy green, soft but full of texture.
Lily of the valley = symbolizes purity, return of spring.

Lily Of The Valley Potpourri



Apple Crisp

Remembrance of fall, kids going back to school.
This reminds me of every year since Jessica my
oldest granddaughter of now 20 plus 8 more added
after her, started the yearly tradition of all going
to our local orchard to pick apples and to purchase
all of them their own pumpkins. Now that we have so
many we purchase a pumpkin per family.
So the scent of fall on a late summer day, the colors
are warm browns, chestnuts, & creams with the added
apple slices.

Apple Crisp Potpourri
Orange Spice

Filled with rose hips, cinnamon sticks and orange
slices. The scent is of a spicy orange and
added cinnamon.

Orange Spice Potpourri




Mine & Randy's favorite is the Mulberry scent
is the Mulberry.
I tried very hard to duplicate the Mulberry scent from
Home Interiors, which was my favorite and one of my
best sellers in the candle line. The colors are of
deep rich plum purple, leafy greens and naturals which
 come with the textures of hibiscus pods.A very pretty
 true color of Mulberry loaded with textures and
 added softness.

Mulberry Potpourri

 Strawberry Jam

A true scent of strawberry freezer jam. We tell
people all you need is a piece of toast. Pretty
summer colors of reds, whites, pinks and greens.
Just as the true color of a fresh picked strawberry.

Strawberry Jam Potpourri


Ocean Breeze

A fragrance that captures the essence of fresh sea
air and the unique qualities of the sea shore. Colors
of light, medium and dark blues with the soft
texture of white 3" rope.
We can add the touches of sea shells by request of
an added small cost & have the final look.

Ocean Breeze Potpourri


Nana baking on a cool fall day, homey scents of
apples, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. The look is
of holiday colors of reds and greens and browns
with added texture of dried apple slices.

Nana's Potpourri

Just Peachy

Just Peachy Potpourri

Picture & description coming soon
Walk In The Woods

Walk In The Woods Potpourri

Picture & Description Coming Soon


Peppermint is good for quite a number of things, place
a cotton ball saturated with fragrance oil or place
a few pieces in the holes or runs of gophers or moles
and see them move on. Now if it rains you will have to
repeat it again. Peppermint is also good to ward off
spiders, crickets, ants and mice. Peppermint is good to
open your sinuses and to relieve headaches. Also just
pretty to place in a bowl on your table.
*Remember never sit it on a good piece of furniture,
it will strip varnish and paint right away.

Peppermint Potpourri


All potpourri is packaged in a 6" x 9" polyethylene
Our potpourri is highly scented with our fragrance
So never place your potpourri on a surface without
placing in a sealed bottom bowl, basket or
container of your choice. It will strip wood varnish
and painted surfaces right away.
Due to the possible discontinuation of some
botanicals the potpourri contents may vary but will
be of equal or greater.

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