Kim Kelly's Boutique is an organic approach to personal care and hygiene. Each of our products is handcrafted using natural, hand selected ingredients. Kim has spent years developing all sorts of bath and body products.

Our boutique offers a wide selection of products including salves, candles, fragrances, lotions, bath salts, soaps, body sprays, and serums. All of our ingredients are sourced locally in Three Rivers, MI to ensure the purest products.

I first started as a home decorator, believe this, a home interiors decorator/floral designer of 27 years then all of a sudden with a very successful business life changed.

Starting to turn this beautiful building my husband built for me that I was holding decorating shows in, is now a storefront. Kim Kelley's Boutique, purchasing products to replace what I used to sell ( Candles & etc) nothing compared. Soooo!!  I started making my own candles, potpourri, bath and body products.  Then my mom gets diagnosed with cancer, so I started researching essential oils.  I was so intrigued and fascinated with what there is to work within the line of essential oils, herbs and even some weeds, that I used to curse in my gardens!

I kept learning and making everything I could to keep the storefront working and adding to my line.  Traveling every show to churches, schools, craft shows, and fairs.  Working diligently with what I learned, customers started calling me asking if I could help them with this and that because what I was making was working with all natural ingredients.

Now growing out of my home with my business, my husband builds what I call "my factory".  It's a beautiful building to be so organized with room to grow.

After many years of studying tirelessly and hours of research, I decided it's time to become a Certified Aromatherapist.  When I first started this schooling I thought "What have I gotten myself into!"  I didn't want to become a nurse, my sister is a nurse and I give her more credit than she knows.  How do you remember the tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and layers of skin?  I didn't want all this!  Before even getting to the essential oil part of the schooling I thought to myself "I'll never memorize all this" but I learned so much and can always go back to Aromahead Institute to check my resources as I need to.

I study the essential oils, herbs and yes even weeds continuously through every resource I can.  Putting it all together with my now knowledge of what will make it work with my customers.

I know my essential oils pretty well now, but I still give a lot of products away to several of my customers to make sure they work as they should before putting my name on them, while still studying tireless hours that I enjoy doing.

My goal now with these new life changes are for my husband and me to not attend so many weekend shows away, but to make more time to be here for YOU my customers.


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