Eucalyptus citriodora


Eucalyptus Citriodora/ Corymbia citriodora

80% citronella

Excellent mosquito, deer ticks repellent, insect Bites, Sanitize your floors as you mop, Great to add to laundry, homemade cleaners, Anti-microbe, Muscle spasms, Muscle injury, toenail fungus, Osteoarthritis, joint pain, Chest rubs for congestion, Emotionally uplifting, and stimulating.




Plant Part Used; Leaves  Steam Distilled

Origin; India

Notes; Middle, Strong, Lemon, Minty, Slightly Camphoraceous but not so much as other Eucalyptus Oils.  Sweet Citronella tone.

All Natural, Organic, Pure Grade, Food Grade

Antiseptic (minor cuts, wounds), Asthma, Athlete`s feet, Fever, Blood Pressure, Chicken Pox, Circulation, Dandruff, Fungal, Inflammation, Insect deterrent, and insect bites. Joints, Aches and Pains, Respiratory, Sore throat, Viral.

Kim’s Boutique is not held responsible for any reactions to ingredients

I receive my Essential Oils from a company that has been in business since 1908. that works with hundred of farmers in the United States and in over 30 countries from around the world. They supply to a lot of large companies that sell essential oils, with several grades to chose from Natural, Organic, Kosher, Food Grade, Pure Essential Oils. I`m a Certified Aromatherapist so only believing in the best Pure Organic Top Grade Essential Oils to work with.


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Weight 01.60 lbs
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