Sage & Citrus


 unique combination with aroma   therapy benefits; up lifting and 
 relaxing (sage green)



100% Soy Melting Tarts

Heavily scented hand poured with love and care, using only the highest quality ingredients. Our soy wax is USA grown supporting our American Farmers. Contains no Paraffin, Premium quality,  Long lasting, Non toxic.

Packaged in a 6 cavity, break away clam-shell. For use with Electric Melters, Oil Burners, Tart Warmers, Tea Lite Warmers. 

Hand Poured wax does not evaporate, you need to carefully discard it once the scent is gone. I`ve found by placing in freezer for a day when scent is finished it refreshes it to be used for another day or two.   2.7 oz


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