Sleepy Time Inhaler


Ingredients; Balsam Copaiba, Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver.

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Enjoy a peaceful night sleep. By just inhaling. This is a staple next to my bedside. Some of us have major issues with sleep, Remember by inhaling you get immediate effect if used properly.

The way to use an inhaler is, I say don`t insert into nose. Maybe you were sick last week, don`t want it again this week. Don`t want to spread germs if someone needs to borrow. Place very closely to nose plugging the other nostril, inhale deeply, couple of times, do the same on other nostril. you should be able to taste or feel in you throat. Now yo,u know it`s in the mucus membranes. Inhalers if used properly will work very soon after inhalation. Will stay in your system for about 4 hours, can use as often as needed.  will last about 6 months. All natural 


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